What's Up Wednesday - May'20

7th May, 2020 at 8:59am
Welcome to May's What's Up Wednesday! Last month we shared some of our lore plans and writing in the news, and spent the month working on optimizations for our pet previewer. The previewer has practiced its coloring skills and is ready to generate images even faster now!

We're also excited to release our fifth marking today - Points, designed by artist superbearwars. You can check it out in the previewer. The links at the top of the site have also now been updated to be for the previewer and our Discord. These links will be changed as we continue to work on the site, but for now, we believe these two links are the most useful for everyone.

Along with our newest marking, artist superbearwars would love to know which marking you're most interested in seeing next! As always, the provided images are only previews and may see alterations before completion. You can check out the poll on our Patreon, you only need an account to vote - you do not need to be a current Patron. The poll will close after May 13th. Check out and vote on the poll here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/36838389

This month, we'll be working on pets, and putting some more TLC into our BBCode. Now that we're much happier with where our image generator is at, we're ready to start making pets themselves. Most of the focus will be on making pets actually exist, along with their pages. Extra time will be put towards creating the page for players to view a user's pet collection at, as that's where we'll be headed next!
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