What's Up Wednesday - Jun'20

4th June, 2020 at 6:10am
Welcome to June's What's Up Wednesday! We've made progress last month on pets themselves, and plan to continue this work into this month as well. Some additional minor work is being done to the pet previewer page to help condense the image URLs, which we look forward to implementing for next month, alongside pet pages.

Last month, a poll was hosted regarding what you all would like to see as our next upcoming marking! In that poll, Cow Spots placed first, followed by Underbelly and Thylacine in a close third. Great progress has been made on the Cow Spots marking since the conclusion of the poll. We're excited to share the completed marking once everything is ready, as we further our collection of markings.

We've also noticed some confusion regarding how markings are applied to a pet when using the previewer. The initial intention was that the order of the markings listed is the order they are applied, as if you are layering the markings onto the pet in the order given. However, we are happy to discuss this and consider revising how it works, especially seeing as we are still in the pre-Alpha stages. If you would like to give your input or further discuss this with us, please do join our Discord! I'll be hosting a discussion on this topic within the next few days. I look forward to seeing you there and hearing your thoughts on the matter!
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