What's Up Wednesday - Aug'21

13th August, 2021 at 3:22am
This month's What's Up Wednesday comes at a delay as life has unfortunately determined it wasn't ready to settle back down yet. Due to this situation, not much progress was made over the past month, though what had been completed was primarily user and administrative management. We've also updated the Online user list so that those who have selected they would like to hide their online activity will no longer display in the Online list. Additionally, a number of issues have been resolved with the 404 Error page, most notably the fact that the 404 Error would result in a 500 Error. We don't allow errorception here.

This month we will be playing things by ear. I'll be continuing the work as mentioned in last month's news post, though the time I currently have available is very sporadic. In the meantime, some more icon asset art has been commissioned from artist Pilumvane, and I greatly look forward to sharing it with all of you once it's ready!
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