Updates regarding the Patreon

13th July, 2022 at 11:09pm
After careful consideration, we've come to the decision to close down the Patreon account before the end of this month. A number of factors contributed to this choice, some of which being the delay to development, and revised plans towards how we'll be handling Clans during these early stages.

Although the Patreon will be shutting down, records for all pledges made will be saved for future use to ensure your rewards will be delivered when it comes time. The available pledges will be disabled in the coming few days to prevent any further pledges to the account.

If you have paid for any pledges in the past three months, you are welcome to send in a message to the Patreon account to request a refund due to the extensive downtime. Patreon only offers support for refunding the most recent three months of pledges, hence the limited window for these refunds. Otherwise any remaining funds will be saved and put towards new species and Clans as intended.

With that all being said, we've made some changes to our plans regarding Clans during development, Alpha, and Beta. Rather than managing such a large number of Clans throughout the early development stages, we will be focusing on a much smaller number of them to help streamline basic testing and progress. Because of this, developing new Clans and commissioning new species will wait until things are much further along.

Please do not hesitate to contact me (StarSea) through the Discord with any questions or concerns you may have! I understand that this is a big change to be making moving forward.
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