What's Up Wednesday - Mar'20

4th March, 2020 at 9:59pm
Welcome to March's What's Up Wednesday! We're very excited to now present to you the pet previewer! Last month was spent working on the admin panel side of things so that we're now ready to add colors, markings, and pets at ease. To go along with this work, we've additionally put together the Preview page so that you can explore the possibilities as we add them.

The cat species and appaloosa marking are currently our only previewable options, although throughout the rest of the next day or so, multiple new species and markings will be added. Keep an eye out in our Discord's #general channel for updates as new things become available! For the time being, pets will only have three marking slots, though this number may be expanded in the future.

We can't wait to see what pets you come up with! Share your previews and designs in our #pet-showoff channel in the Discord, and have fun!
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