What's Up Wednesday - Apr'20

9th April, 2020 at 12:49am
Welcome to April's What's Up Wendesday! This month, we're taking a bit of a scenic route to share with you some of our planned lore and writing. We intend to give every species, and respective Clans, lore that helps tie them into the world and present them as a community - the Clans have all provided, invented, or mastered something that has helped make the ClanHeart world what it will be.

It'd be a bit long-winded to share all of the Clan blurbs and lore in a WUW, but once the site is all ready, we'll make sure that the lore can be accessed easily! For now, here are just a few of our Clan blurbs:

Deer Clans:
Fertile grasslands with lush vegetation provide food and shelter to the pensive Deer Clans, allowing them to focus all their energy on artistic adventures. Deer adorn their bodies with paint and decorations, finding beauty in all of life's little details. Their ability to create high-quality art and accessories makes them an asset in the eyes of other Clans, leading to a peaceful existence for this passive culture. These Clans are widely known for their talented accessory-making, using fine needles and brilliant pigments.

Raptor Clans:
The ancient swamplands were the cradle of early life, and are the current home of many wise Raptor Clans. Proud of their storied past and knowledge of the world around them, raptors devote themselves to recording history and writing new stories. The pen may be mightier than the claw, but conflicts over philosophy can reveal just how deadly an educated raptor warrior can be. The Raptor Clans are best known for their storytelling, aided by their favored ink brushes and scrolls.

Dragon Clans:
The diligent Dragon Clans feel most at home in the mountains, where they mine precious ores and gemstones from the deepest parts of the earth. Dragons are deeply committed to their personal relationships and values, be that with family, friends, their deity, their work, and so on. Proud and loyal, even the smallest hatchling has a place at the heart of the mountain. Their ancestral talent is mining, skilled in their precise use of pickaxes, lighting the way with glowing torches.
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